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Konu: Boeing BBJ 737 - 738

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    Arrow Boeing BBJ

    Boeing Bussiness Jet Ailesi

    Narrow-body models
    A C-40B Clipper (a military BBJ1) taking off.

    * BBJ or less frequently, BBJ1 is based on the 737-700, and formed the basis for the 737-700ER. This was the initial variant. In U.S. Air Force service, this is known as the C-40B Clipper.
    * BBJ2 is based on the 737-800.
    * BBJ3 is based on the 737-900ER.
    * BBJ C is a variant of the BBJ featuring the "quick change" capabilities of the 737-700C. This allows the aircraft to be used for executive duty during one flight, and to be quickly reconfigured for cargo duty for the next flight.

    [edit] Wide-body models

    * 747 VIP : version of the 747-8 ordered by the Boeing Business Jet division. Currently there are 6[citation needed] orders for this aircraft. The VIP 747 is delivered by BBJ in a "green" condition, meaning there are no interior furnishings so that the owner can design it to personal preference.
    * 777 VIP : version of the 777 ordered by the Boeing Business Jet division.
    * 787 VIP : version of the 787 ordered by the Boeing Business Jet division. There are 4 orders for this aircraft. As with the 747, the VIP 787 is delivered by BBJ in a "green" condition.
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