Pilotaj bölümüne ulaşmak için şifre kısmına "123456" yazarak giriş yapabilirsiniz


  1. benze
    We are looking for A32F CPTs: total flight experience: 3000 hours including 1000 hours as commander on other aircraft with MTOW over 20 000kg (preferred) and 500 hours as a commander on Airbus A320 family; last flight done in last 3 years

    We are looking for 3 CPTs to join us in Germany PAD base.

    Screenings are usually organized in Vilnius. Salary conditions for PAD base CPTs are:

    Financial offer stands like this: CPTs are offered permanent contract; direct employment with SPA Germany; holiday entitled according to German labor law. Payment during trainings: first 45days of training or until first independent flight as CPTs operated if faster than 45days. paid 30% of basic salary; after that 100% of salary paid+50BH guaranteed.
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